Friendship With World initiated its program by providing scholarships to students from poorer sections of society. The children selected are those who are verifiably lacking, often neglected by parents, or those from families that cannot afford an education. The purpose of this project is to assist students desiring better or higher education to be able to do so without added stress on their caretakers, thereby helping them to achieve their dreams, bring them into the mainstream, and overall increasing their likelihood of better jobs and higher incomes. We provide cholarships to all ages of students. The project is also focused on creating awareness in the community on the need to protect and support children’s rights to a basic education.

Under this project we are able to support 60 children every year.

The program has been a great success, and we believe these children have been impacted tremendously and have been able to take decisions and move forward and upward in their lives in ways they probably never dreamt possible otherwise.

New Home

Since 2007, Friendship With World has been working in the areas of rehabilitation of children from vulnerable communities. We currently have two shelter homes both for girls and boys consisting of 120 children in total – 70 girls and 50 boys. At present their age range is between 7 and 15 years. Unfortunately, most of our children come to us from homes in crisis. The children are usually removed from a difficult situation by a family member or the legal system. Many of our children have experienced such severe degrees of abuse that they face difficulty in adjusting to a normal home life. Friendship With World acts as a catalyst by providing them a safe, protective environment where more than their basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and education are met. The children of New Home are from broken homes, with or without single parents who are financially destitute, or have weak or non-existent relationships with parents or step parents. Each child and every child deserves security, nurturing, guidance, and protection, and it is Friendship With World policy to provide them with all.

Each of the children attend English Medium Schools.

The aim of the New Home is to help children become responsible citizens of their community, hold fulfilling jobs, and care for others in suffering. We also provide extra tuition in topics such as Maths, Punjabi and Hindi. It is Friendship With World policy to provide each child at the New Home with quality education and a chance to excel, because we believe it can break the cycle of poverty in these children lives. We also provide extracurricular activities of which we encourage the children to take part in to develop their pro-social behaviors and develop their alternative interests and talents. Our fundamental belief is to offer each child the best opportunity to continue their lives.

Together, we can make an enormous difference to the lives of these children who, without our care & support will continue in the poverty cycle. These children will be the future leaders within their communities and hopefully beyond into the broader horizons of India. They will always take with them the comfort of our love and the appreciation of the opportunities; they have been given to enhance their lives both now and in the future.

Women Empowerment through skill development

Women to achieve the maximum potential in their homes and otherwise is a critical component of any developmental strategy. The disadvantages women of most communities face is of poor access to education, high unemployment rate, low societal status, poor access to information, and low sense of identity or accomplishment. However, women have statistically been proven to spend more of their income on their households, and therefore empowering women to earn better incomes would benefit the welfare of the entire family directly.

Realizing this need to empower women in the effort to impact entire societies, Friendship With World has sought to establish small-scale, low-investment enterprises for the goal of providing women with a means of income for themselves and for their families. Through these programs, the women are energized to become economically self-sufficient and emotionally self-confident, thereby providing improved living conditions at home and better prospects for their children and other immediate family.

We hope to enable hundreds more of women to become agents of change in their communities, living and modelling lives of dignity.