Board Of Members

  • Col. Bashir Masih former chief secretary of the salvation army organization which is the largest organization in the world at present mr. Bashir masih joined the NGO in 2009 As a vice president now he is a president of friendship with the world organization. Mr. Bashir Masih visited USA, England ,Australia , Sri lanka, Canada and various countries. He having A international experience as a chief secretary. He work as a board of director as well As chairmen and vice chairmen . Mr. Bashir masih 63 years of age Is happily married , with 3 children and 3 grand children All of whom well settled India and abroad.

    Col retd. Bashir Masih President
  • Rev Dr. Ignatius Sakri is a Senior Vice President of Friendship with the World ,And Presently Exciting President of Seek the Lost Ministries Trust at Karnataka ,India .Dr Ignatius sakri is a very Passionate for the for the Perishing soul ,radical preacher and teacher for Gospel in India and around the World .Dr sakri very attached and dedicated for Friendship with the World NGOs ,Even he wants to prefer the NGOs children and to Guide them in the future . Dr.Ignatius sakri married and his wife is a Professor in well known Eng .Collage in Dharwad ,Karnataka ,and Blessed by two sons .

    Dr. Igantius Sakri Sr. Vice-President
  • "After volunteering part time in the social sector for almost 2 years ,what i have realized is that it is not only satisfying to have made a difference to someone it also benefits you personally as an individually friendship provide me with a platform to contribute to the social sector in a more meaningful and effective way". Vice president of friendship with the world organization.

    Gulshan Kumar Arora Vice-President
  • Mr.Shasi kumar join friendship with the world organization in 2009 as a board of member and promoted as general secretary in 2010 . He has done his BA in social worker (BSW). He has very closed relationship with the political leaders as well as he was as a public relation officer in the various field. "I have met the most committed and passionate people in my time here.I am happy to have not only used my skill but have also learn a fair bit of both hard and soft skills during my time here ."

    Shasi Kumar (LUCKY) General Secretory
  • Pastor sunil masih currently the pastor in param dham church as well as treasurer of the friendship with the world organization in Punjab.In addition to his role as a treasurer,he is also involved with programme planing and implementation on a regular basis .He has been involved in social work since 2005.

    (PASTOR) Sunil Masih Treasure
  • "I believe that after spending around 8 years in cloth merchant with different type of shopkeeper and customer with different profile I should spend some time with an organization which does not only gives you satisfaction but also gives you micro level learning -every day in friendship with the wold is a learning. To be very honest ,each day direct/indirectly "kuch logo ki dua pane me safal hota hu" which gives me happiness like anything. Of course i am exploring this sector and using skills in better manner."

    Pawan Kumar Chawla Advisor