Blood Donation Camp

India has made great progress in its healthcare industry, however there is inequality in who benefits from this. Too many people are still found to have a lack of access to basic healthcare. In rural areas many are restricted by their means to travel, or are compounded in remote villages, whereas in urban areas, poor sanitation and overcrowding cause more illness and deaths. In Jalandhar, the child mortality rate remains high, the tragedy being that many children die from easily preventable diseases and illnesses, the most common being diarrhoea.

It has been found that whilst the majority of the population still reside in rural areas (around 70%), 80% of healthcare facilities are found in metro/urban areas. It is true that in the state of Punjab, significant disparities are prevalent with available healthcare between urban and rural areas. Therefore these vital lifelines need to be offered to the remote and marginalised communities which usually consist of impoverished households. Here Friendship With World can meet with their immediate needs through standalone camps.

Friendship With World organizes customized health camps extensively across its targeted rural communities offering comprehensive health services curative, preventive, primitive and referral, to a large number of people in selected intervention areas. The uniqueness of the model lies in its comprehensive approach where health promotion and prevention are given equal importance while curative care is administered.

The Non Govt. Organization organized a blood donation camps at Nightingale Primary School on April 15, 2013. The camp was inaugurated by Shri Mohinder Sign KP (Member of Parliament). In this camp more then 50 volunteers of the Friendship with the World (Non Govt. Organization) and other from society donated their blood.

Addressing the donors Shri Mohinder Singh KP praised the Mission specially for organizing blood donation camp throughout the world throughout the year. The slogan of the Mission is: “Peace, not Pieces". About blood donation - “Let the blood flow in veins not in drains”.

The blood was collected by the team of doctors of Civil Hospital, Jalandhar under the supervision of Doctor, In charge Blood Bank.

So far our activities include:

  • » A one day event engaging families from the target area, performing health checks, administering medicines, giving appropriate referrals, and providing nutritious food.
  • » This event also promotes awareness of healthcare related issues such as the use of clean water, sanitation and good hygiene practices.

Blood Donation Pictures