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There are lots of ways that you can help Friendship with the World - directly and indirectly. One obvious way is to make a donation, which will go straight to helping our field operations around the world. It's an easy process and you can give whatever amount you want - it all helps. To find out more, click on the donate link below. For those who want to play a more direct role, there are several ways in which you can get involved. Or you could work for FWTW as a UN Volunteer. To find out more, click on the Volunteer link below. Other ways to support FWTW's work include holding awareness and fund-raising events in your communities, keeping up to date on our activities and joining in an online dialogue on popular social networking sites about our work and those we help.

A/C Name : Friendship With The World

A/C No : 308301010036624


IFSC Code : UBINO530832

How does your sponsorship help a child?

Your sponsorship makes a difference in a child's life. You'll be helping to provide the most basic needs of your sponsored child like improved education and health care and increased family income. The idea is to lend a helping hand in the development of the child,his/her family and community.

Principles of Sponsorship
• To involve the community and share the responsibility for the care, protection and development of children in their own milieu.
• To ensure that the child gets quality education.
• To provide him/her all opportunities of a normal child for growth and development of a normal child.
• To provide economic security for the community to which the child belongs to.

What will you receive as a sponsor?

You will receive:
• A case history giving personal details and photograph of the child.
• Two letters from the sponsored child with a note on his/her academic progress.
• A greeting card for New Year.
• Annual activity reports of Friendship with the world and that of the specific project where the sponsored child is attending schooling.

You can also correspond with your child through letters. You're not obliged to write, but hearing from you is very meaningful to your sponsored child and will boost his/her self-esteem.

Would you like to visit your sponsored child?
Visits are welcome! A visit means you can also see how much the people have been able to accomplish with your sponsorship support. A visit also makes your sponsorship more meaningful for you as well as your sponsored child. Kindly write to the our office, well in advance so that a visit can be arranged.

What happens to your sponsored child after your sponsorship support is over?
In normal circumstances, the sponsorship support to a child ends when the child has completed the primary schooling. In such cases the successful children become role models of their society and carry the torch further.

Sponsorship offers the chance to form a meaningful relationship between a sponsor and a child from an under developed and marginalised community for a specific period through regular contributions to bring about lasting changes in the life of the child.


Your donation enables their development


Your investment, their way out of poverty


Invest in innovative poverty reduction

Social Performance

Your Social Performance is our business


Your innovation, their way out of poverty


Go for zero CO2,so they have a better life