Thank you for choosing to donate to our cause! If you have any preferences as to which programme you would like to put the donation towards, please do specify. We ensure that your contribution will be put towards the cause closest to your heart.
You can also contribute materials to our children of the New Home and Government schools, such as books, stationary, uniform, and essential provisions. Please contact us for our requirements.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child of the New Home, and take care of their Education, Food, Clothing, Medicines and basic necessities.
To sponsor, and provide for a childs needs in the New Home, we ask for INR 36000/- (approx. $400 or $65• per child annually. Please contact us directly for more information.

Sponsor a Program

If you or your organization would like to donate towards a particular project, please do get in touch.
Payments can be routed through any of the modes mentioned in the Website. You are free to make the payment on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Sponsors are eligible for 100% tax exemption (35AC) Certificate.


Friendship with the world runs several projects to fulfil its vision and goals of building, caring, and serving underprivileged children and women. These projects are supported separately by different companies, groups, and individuals. All donations made by contributors both Corporates and Individuals will be used specifically for the projects intended and the funds will not be directed to any other projects other than that directed by the contributor. For example, if a company contributes towards payment of school fees of our the children of the New Home project, the funds donated will be specifically used to the particular cause intended within the project, that is the school fees of our children. The funds will not be directed to any other cause within the New Home project or any other projects running under Friendship with the world. The same will be reflected in our annual audit report. In case the donor does not mention any specific project, then the fund will be distributed within the different projects as per the need, and as directed by the board of Trustees.

Be Part of Our Events

Join in with the Friendship with the world team and take part in one of our events! You can volunteer your time in helping with the running of our events, sponsor, or simply come along and enjoy taking part on the day.


Running your own event? Or taking part in any other organized fundraiser? Get sponsorship from family, friends and colleagues for your participation, and donate the funds to Friendship with the world! Please share with us your plans!


Donate your time and skills to Friendship with the world! We welcome both local and remote volunteers.
We also welcome groups/corporate organizations to come and spend a day at one of our programs or events, if you would like to join us as a group, please get in touch!

International volunteers

Areas of work

• Teach English in a Government School.
• Work with our women in Kaggalipura, and teach further life skills and women rights.
• Care for our children in the New Home and teach extra-curricular activities.
• Be a part of our fundraising and event planning by sharing your ideas and putting them into action!
• Initiate further action for a rural community project in Hubli and Bijapur, assisting and caring for HIV/AIDS affected families.

Volunteer Life

• Hrs of work : (35+)
• Expenses :Food & Accommodation provided

The following is not included in our fees:

• International airfare
• Travel insurance
• Visa fee
• Excursions
• Insurance
• Local sightseeing

Further information

• Visa Advice. Obtaining the relevant visa is solely the responsibility of the volunteer. We cannot give advice, as it is country-specific, and therefore you should contact your local embassy directly.
• Health and Vaccinations. Please allow at least 8 weeks before your departure to seek relevant medical advice and vaccinations from your local clinic. View your country Government website for the latest update and medical advice for India.
• Airport Pick-up a representative of Friendship with the world will meet you upon arrival.
• The following day of your arrival we will introduce you to Friendship with the world and the specific project in which you will be working. This will include an orientation briefing of your work and an introduction at the Friendship with the world office.