Nightingale Primary School Inauguration

India is the worlds largest democracy with a population of over 1.2 billion, 400 million of which are children. According to UNICEF in 2007, there are an astounding 25 million orphans recorded in India. Orphans are put at immediate risk because they are often seen as a burden on relatives in this society. Children living in these situations are in danger of losing opportunities for school, health care, growth, development, nutrition, and shelter; in short, their rights to a decent and fulfilling childhood. Moreover, with the death of a parent, children experience profound loss and a heavy burden falls to the surviving parent. If the second parent also dies, all aspects of that child world are threatened. These children not only have to deal with the trauma of being orphaned, but the threat of enslavement, forced labor, disease, homelessness, hunger and abuse.

Friendship With World has two shelter homes for orphans and destitute children for both girls and boys consisting of 48(23 girls + 25 boys) children. The objective of this project is to reduce the suffering of the abandoned, destitute and vulnerable children by providing them the necessary support, protection, nutritious food, health care and quality education along with life skills so that they can be mainstreamed and become productive members of the society.

Our goal is to have a permanent place for our children of the New Home, so that they can be looked after well.

Presently the main activities of the New Home include:

  • » Education in English medium schools
  • » Counseling
  • » Recreation, activities during weekends and holidays such as Summer Camps, Football training.
  • » Savings accounts for each of the children
  • » Brand new clothing for the children twice a year
  • » Regular tuition
  • » Volunteer engagement
  • » Exposure visits
  • » Special coaching on sports & music
  • » Food prepared for the children and staff as per UN standards
  • » Impartation of life skills and human values
  • » All children of the New Home affected by ill-health are given the best healthcare available
  • » Identifying children for the Dream School
  • » Hope Care Centre this is a care centre, supported by Friendship With World for underprivileged children in Jalandhar.

Inaguration Pictures