Women Empowerment

Our Womens Empowerment initiative aims to enable marginalized women to become self-sufficient so that they can contribute to their family income that earns them a place of respect and pride in and out of the home. This initiative currently trains rural women of Jalandhar in tailoring, life skills and safety awareness.

The activities of this program include

  • • Engagement with individual and corporate volunteers, carrying out workshops on women’s safety and issues along with life lessons taught on a participatory basis.
  • • A certified 3 month course
  • • Training space, equipment and material included
  • • Support given for each woman in finding a suitable job
  • • Health camps for the women and their families
  • • Linkages with other institutions

We aim to impact more women by diversifying our current tailoring training into various vocational skills, such as baking, candlestick making and recycling through crafts.